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Hopper and Hitachi 61UWX10B, only Component Video - Will It downgrade to 480P

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Hello everyone,

I am interested in getting the Hopper, but I am concerned since my Hitachi 61UWX10B only has component video input (no DVI either). Does the Hopper support component with HD quality (The Hitachi can handle up to 1080i)? Or does the Hopper downgrade the signal via component to 480P?

Thank you very much :)
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Should be OK. So far h2k's component output is still support 1080i.
If (when) the time will come, you could buy HDMI-component converter. Or get new TV :).
My Mitsubishi 55" big screen only has component as well, at 1080i. The Hopper works great with it.
Thanks - that makes me feel much better making this purchase. I appreciate your help!
Only the Hopper has component outputs - the Joey's do not.
Thanks gtal98. The hopper would be on the Hitachi. I am going to get a Joey for the bedroom flatscreen which has HDMI.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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