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Hopper Compatible with PocketDish?

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Can anyone confirm whether or not the Hopper is compatible with PocketDish?
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They hosed PocketDishes quietly. As usual.

When you connect it, the h2k treat it as external USB mass storage device and its first action is - FORMATTING ! :eek2:
:mad: Was looking to upgrade from 1 622 and 1 722 to 2 hopper/2 Joey. I would be happy with keeping the 722 (for the Pocketdish) and get 1 hopper...but I understand Dish won't let me do that either.
Nope, only receiver you can have other that the Hopper/Joey combo would be a 211 for tailgating. You could try getting both Hopper and 722 on same setup but with separate accounts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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