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I am really impressed with the Hopper/Joey set up. Good things so far:

You can go back on either of the tuners. Before if you changed channels and then went back you would not be able to go back. With the Hopper, press the red button, select the tuner you want to see and it can be moved back.

It is fast.

Remotes run on both RF and IR. The Hopper and Joey are RF. Buttons are smoother.

The PrimeTime recording is really good. If you want to keep a recording past the 8 days, just press save and it is moved from PrimeTime to My Media. Recordings are listed individually. This solve a big beef I have with recordings ending early or late.

It is smaller.

No issues for transferring recordings from old DVR's.

It is slightly cheaper than my 2 DVR setup.

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Being cheaper would depend you how many Joey's you have. You didn't include how many Hopper/Joey or which 2 dvr models you replaced them with or $ amount less. It would be nice to include so others thinking about switching would have accurate info. Thanks.
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