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1-24-2022 at 2:57 PM - PST

The "169.x.y.z" IP Address is a known "Non-Routable, Internal" IP Address that NICs and Computers assign themselves when there's a conflict or problem with the NIC/Computer/Device. This "169..." Address was ROUTINELY coming up on our Hopper 3 for a period of 6 Mos, from Feb, 2021 to Aug, 2021. Turned out that DISH Network devices HAVE CONFLICTS with U-Verse Gateways, EVEN IF the Hopper3 and Joeys are behind another Router connected to the U-Verse Gateway. IF you are on AT&T U-Verse and have an NVG-599, or 5268AC Gateway, then you MUST set the Hopper3 to Non-Bridged, or Bridged Mode OFF, AND install an HIC Device to cure the Hopper from rebooting at night and obtaining the errant "169.x.y.z" Address.

After installing our HIC Device in August, (after an exhaustive Google Search for "Why does the DISH Network Hopper3 lose Internet Connectivity over U-Verse Gateways"), we NO LONGER experience the recurring "169.x.y.z" issues. Our personal Router, (behind the U-Verse Gateway), is a Linksys Velop MESH Network System, comprised of one Tri-Band AC-2200 Velop Router Node, and 4 AC-1300 Dual Band Nodes. ALL Joeys, (Wireless), are Ethernet Connected to each AC-1300 Node in each room with a Joey and TV. By connecting the Wireless Joeys by Ethernet to each MESH Node, we've been able to ELIMINATE the DISH Wireless Access Points. (We had two of those.)

NOW, we have NO MORE errant reboots of the Hopper3 obtaining the 169 Address.

For more details, see the HIC Thread. AND, apparently, after MANY calls to DISH CSR Support and FINALLY getting a Level 2 Support Rep that KNEW about this issue, verified the conflict between DISH Network devices and U-Verse Gateways.

Once fully resolved, you may delete the "169" Addressed Unit from your Router Device List, permanently. IF you do NOT resolve the issue, (like installing the HIC for our issues), MOST LIKELY at some point you will see another "169" Addressed connection in your Router's Device List.



"Bridged Mode Off" was specifically mentioned for our issues of conflict between the Hopper3 and U-Verse Gateway by the Level 2 DISH CSR Rep.
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