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I'm about to have Dish installed on Monday. I'm trying to figure out if my setup is going to be an issue.

I will have both the Hopper and Joey in the same location (media closet) with plans to have them controlled via an xantec IR system.

Currently with Directv I have two HDDVR's and I use two different IR codes so the remotes in the Great Room / Bedroom don't control the other DVR.

Is this setup possible with the Hopper. I can't believe I didn't think about that possible dilemma until right now.

So, Ideally I'd like both the Hopper and Joey to be on two separate IR codes, not RF. The media closet is in the basement and I am I'm also on planning to use Harmony remotes, not the included RF ones.

I'm reading through the manual now but I figured someone here would know the answer quickly

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