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I've seen this problem come up a few times, and wonder if it's more widespread.

Steps to create the problem:
1) Turn on the Hopper. Doesn't matter if it is recording something or not.
2) Start watching a recorded program.
3) Hit 30-second skip button.

At this point, the problem appears: Nothing happens at step 3. FF is likewise unresponsive. Menu and DVR buttons work normally.

The first time it happened, it was a program without commercials, so I just had the kids watch the first padded minute and go into their program. After about 10 minutes, playback locked and no button on the Hopper responded. Did a power reboot and everything was back to normal.

Second time it happened, I turned off the Hopper, turned it back on, went through the steps above again and everything worked fine. I didn't want a lockup issue because I was recording something.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Mine had similar behavior several software releases ago.
A red button reset will not help. Disconnect the power for a minute or more and power back on.
I have not had a single problem since I did that.
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