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I have a question with regards to how the sling adapter works on the Hopper.

I've never seen or used current DISH equipment - I was a customer nearly 15 years ago, but have been with DirecTV for the last 8 or 9 years.

Currently I have a spare receiver set up with a slingbox attached to it, so that if I'm working late and want to watch a Sharks game from the office I don't have to worry about using a receiver that's in use on one of the TVs in the house.

Now, with the Hopper/Joey coming out, I'm contemplating a switch to DISH... and, of course, I'd love to keep the ability to sling into Sharks games.

So, if I have the Hopper connected to the main TV in the living room - how does the sling interface work. Am I controlling that TV like I am if I connect a normal slingbox - so that whatever I want to watch has to also be watched on that television? Or does it act more like a client and allow me to watch something on the sling while someone is sitting in the living room watching another show?

I'd love to be able to eliminate the spare receiver.... but there are times where all 3 TVs in the house are in use and I want to sling in - which is why we have the 4th receiver right now. Generally speaking, if all 3 TVs are in use, one of them would be watching the Sharks game at home as well - so the fact that 3 tuners would potentially be in use isn't a problem, so long as the Hopper isn't REQUIRED to watch the same program that I want to watch on the slingbox.

If it is, then I have to contemplate how I want to set things up if I do end up making a switch to DISH.
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