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I had the hopper joey system installed 3 weeks ago. Within hours of the tech leaving the hopper started freezing up one picture on the screen. Only way to get it running was to reboot... Put up with that for a couple days. Called suport, they came out and replaced the hopper and the node... 2 days later this hopper started to not let me turn it on. Had to hit reset button, this has happend 4 or 5 times since.. And one of the joeys in the bedroom keeps loosing contact with the hopper.any one out there had these issues

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New Hopper feature (kidding.) Has been doing it to BOTH of my Hoppers for about 5-6 weeks now. So bad, DISH offered to let me out of my contract. No fix as of yet other than a reboot. Interesting is that scheduled recordings still record even if the Hopper is hung.

The rep was offended when I asked for the contact cancel offer in writing.

Their attitude was go ahead and leave. I'm a 9 year, 150.00 a month customer.... Looking for other options now.

I also had the Joey disconnect issue and gave up and DISH gave me (no charge,) another Hopper to replace the Joey. No extra monthly fee.

When the Hopper works, its great.... Just too many bugs.
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