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scottchez said:
There is not much Sat New right now so about this topic. . . .

Hopper View, also known as MultiChannel View (the 6 channels on one screen channel) On Channel 100 on the Hopper Guide.
The purpose of my commentary is to gain the attention to Dish Upper Management (not just D.I.R.T. team member) about a worthless channel that could easily be change at the push of some buttons into a very high value customer retaining channel used by all Dish Customers and not offered by DirecTV.
The Secondary Purpose of my post is to gather other forum members Ideas on this topic so Dish Executives will also consider them. I just prosed a couple of solutions to get us started. The higher the post count the better the chance Dish Executives will take note (they do read some of these).
Currently the MultiChannel View shows one channel from each category. A of this post I see:
ESPN- Sports, FoxNews-News, Discovery-Info, USA and TNT- General, and NICK-Kids.
In other words you are showing ONE channel from each category. This serves no human purpose as you cant go to channel 100 to see what is on and then click on a channel to watch it. The reason is most are interested in One Category of programming at the time of the vist to the channel. Let say I want to watch NEWS. All that is there is Fox News, I could of just gone to that channel. Lets say I looking for Kids Programming for the Children, all that is there is Nick. I could of just gone to that channel. You get the idea. Right now the only thing useful for this channel is in the Store Show Room to show off that you offer these channels, such a waist of technology.
Since you do not have bandwidth to have One Category channel each (News, Kids, General, Movies, Sports) I propose that to you rotate Categories based on time of day and week and label it in the Guide.
(times and days are just a guess to show one possible example of how this would work)
News Mix- Every Day 6am to 11AM CT
Sports Mix- Weekends 11AM to 6PM CT
KIDs MIX- Every Day 11AM t 6PM CT Mon-Fri
General Mix- Every Day 6PM to 10PM
Movies Mix (non Premium) 10PM to 6AM
Premium Chan Mix- during free views of HBO, Starz, Show, ect
Fox Sports Mix- during free view of Sports package
Storm Mix (like DirecTV)- as needed during tornado outbreaks and hurricanes
Breaking News- (same is News Mix but add some locals news coverage) any time there is a big news or crisis. News like when the big 4 start to break in for news coverage all day.
Storm Mix will include local channels from around the county but only while they are covering the storm, just like DirecTV does during Hurricane coverage.
DirecTV Weather Mix


We do value all of our customers input on equipment and programming they want or would like to see changed. It has been requested (by other customers) to provide them with the ability to change/select those channels.

I have forward your request and thoughts along for the improvements to this channel.

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