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Host name change?

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I have both an HR-20 and HR-21 and up until recently, they reported their respective host names back to my DHCP server as:

DIRECTV-HR20-<unique identifier>
DIRECTV-HR21-<unique identifier>

But now I noticed they both report as:

DIRECTV-STB-<unique identifier>

I just noticed it this morning but the change could have been any time within the last several weeks.

Does anyone have any idea why this would have changed?

Both boxes are on their latest respective NRs.
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This did change a while ago, and I preferred the former convention, where the DVR model was part of the name, as it helped me identify the receivers.
I don't care either way – all mine are HR20-700’s. I think it may be on the wish list, but a user-definable host name for each unit would the best situation. Oh, and if it would in turn upload that label to D* and make it the receiver location on my account, thus keeping me from having to maintain it in two places, that would be great, too.
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