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Hotmail sync (EAS) broken on mobile devices

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I'm really surprised to not see any one else post on this. It hit me yesterday and is pretty disappointing. It has a huge impact on one of my main reasons for having a smart phone and a tablet in the first place.

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I hope I don't get calls at work. We don't support personal email on devices, but that doesn't always prevent them from wanting us to do something.
Hotmail? Meh. I'm surprised EAS ever worked on Hotmail.
People tend to expect Microsoft products to work together.
dpeters11 said:
People tend to expect Microsoft products to work together.
Only those that haven't been burnt by them before. :) I learned a long time ago that MS's dictionary has a completely different definition of the word "compatible" than the rest of the worlds'.
I didn't think anyone even used Hotmail anymore. Does it still work worth Netscape Navigator?
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