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I just called to cancel service. Started in 1997.
Call took about 5 minutes. Service ends on February 2 at which time I'll get my return instructions. I'll share info on what they want (I have an HS-17 and 3 clients, 2 of which are 4K capable)
When I canceled in 2017 they only wanted the clients back, not the HS17, probably because it was a beta test unit.

I recently came back to DirecTV Stream from Comcast cable, then OTA and EVOCA, which went out of business January 1.
I enjoy the programming without having all the satellite equipment. I got a remanufactured C71KW box ($50.00) on the main TV and AppleTV's and Roku's on the others.

Picture quality is excellent on my QLED Sony TV. Also having the streaming apps included in the box and guide without having to switch inputs. If they would only add Apple TV+.

I recently cut back on my internet speed which was 1.2 gig and dropped it to 400 mbs to save some $$.
I hardly notice any difference and it works fine.

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Sorry if this has been posted already, but the best thing to do when you cancel is to take all of your equipment to a FedEx or UPS store to send everything back to Directv. Make sure you get a printed receipt for everything, and take pictures of all of the equipment you send back.
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