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I don't think the Samsung RVU clients will use HDMI ARC for the audio to AVR connections. Samsung D series TVs send 5.1 DD and DTS audio via optical only; they pass audio from DLNA sources as well as OTA, so I don't see that RVU should be any different.

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imjustdave said:
So im planning on getting a HR34 new 5 tunner box and a HR24 2 tunner and standard HD box. 1 tuner. This is going to be a all new install.

Can someone explain and tell me how it will all be connected?

Im thinking that it will be dish to via RG6 to the HR34... but how do the rest of the 2 boxes connect? cat 5 RG6 ? how about the basic tunner box?

Im thinking Cat5 for the additional boxes but I remember reading that isnt supported So Im all lost. right now.

Also I happen to have a RVU samsung TV.... How does that get connected up? and can I have 5.1 on a RVU tV?

Also I assume that I all 3 boxes will be able to start, play record, pause, transfer to other TV shows recorded on both of the DVR boxes?

Also I have heard of DECA, SWIM, and a bunch of other terms, could you please, I hate to say dumb it down for me... but I dont know what it is yet so maybe a short discription for me. thansk

Again Thanks to everyone for your help !!!!!
I already have an identical installation (including Samsung D-Series RVU-capable TV). However, I don't have the RVU feature "activated" yet because my system was self-installed and I'm only a lowly, 17-year customer of DirecTV! :) However, I'm working with a very helpful representative in the Case Mgmt. Dept to see if it's possible to "Add A Location" (i.e., activate the RVU cllient) as an "existing customer". Apparently, only an "all new install" such as yours won't face this limitation until later this year although I have to believe the "sum" of (a) new customers (b) ordering a HR-34 (c) who also have a Samsung RVU-capable TV (a+b+c) will be a very small number! In any event, here's a short summary of my installation:

- SWM5 (Single Wire Multiswitch) LNB & Slimline Dish
- A single coax cable runs from the outdoor dish/LNB assembly into my basement. This cable connects to 2 "splitters" which, in turn, are connected to a "power supply" for the LNB and associated electronics and a "broadband DECA" adapter which in turn is connected, via a long, standard Ethernet cable, to my Internet router. The splitters also have three outputs that are connected via coax cable to the three receivers (HR-24, HR-34 & H25) at various locations in my house.
- I also ran another coax cable (using another "splitter" connected to the coax feeding my HR-24) to the Samsung TV but I did NOT connect it to the "Antenna" input. Instead, I connected it to another "broadband DECA" adapter and used a short length of Ethernet cable to connect this adapter to the "LAN" (or Ethernet) jack on the back of the TV.
- Assuming everything is working properly, your HR-34 will become a "RVU Server" and, via the DECA "connectivity" which occurs over the interconnected coax cables, it will connect to the Samsung TV which is a "RVU client". Once the resulting connection is "activated" during your installation, you will be able to select "RVU" from the Samsung TV "Input" list and you should then be able to see (via the HR-34 "server") the familiar DirecTV guide, change DirecTV channels, playback previously recorded items, etc. NOTE: It's my understanding that a "new RVU installation" should include a special Remote Control (RC-70X ?) that will allow you to both control the Samsung TV AND the varoius DirecTV functions. I don't know whether the Samsung TV remote can also be used to "operate" the DirecTV RVU input. I assume it can BUT, since the keys are different from a standard DirecTV Remote, it will be more difficult and some functions may not be possible.

A long answer to your questions but hopefully it will provide a little further insight into some of the terminology and a possible "layout" of your installation. As to your 5.1 question, I have the TV connected via HDMI ARC to a Home Theater system but, again, I'm just a lowly, 17-year customer. :lol:
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