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how do i configure esata raid device for 2TB single drive ? (2x 1TB hd's) for HR-21

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I'm on the market for a raid esata enclosure and am wondering what raid mode i should be looking for it to support so that it will give me 2TB available from 2 seperate 1TB drives.

if anyone can recommend any enclosures that are good and dont cost an arm and let i'd be interested in hearing that too. for use in the HR-21 HDDVR's

I currently have 1TB on a HR-21, and am not happy that maybe 1.5 months after getting it its about 50% full. i had a 500GB in a series 2 directivo before i switched that lasted me an entire year.

thank you for any feedback
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Getting 2TB out of two 1TB drives in a RAID configuration would be RAID0 (striping). But be forewarned that striping drives essentially doubles your chances of losing data (relative to one large disk, though that's not yet available for 2TB). If either drive fails, you lose the whole array. But striping is usually used to increase performance (which arguably you don't need for a DVR). Another option would be JBOD, or disk spanning. The only difference is that rather than interleaving the data between two drives, the drives are sort of joined "end to end". So files are either on one drive, or the other, rather than split between the two. That opens the POSSIBILITY of recovering half of your data should one disk fail (though how feasible that would be when used on a DVR, I don't know).

I'll leave recommended enclosures to those who have specific experience with them.
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