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daytoday said:
From what I understand he got paid by the piece? I read somewhere that they get paid

$40 for the 1st receiver
$12 for the 2nd receiver
$12 for the 3rd receiver
$12 for the 4th receiver
Not sure home much they get for installing the outside dish?

If he can make $100 for each install and I assume this kid was trying to 3 installs per day, he would make $300 each day. Maybe that was the reason he was not interested in even discussing what I wanted or needed.
Techs get paid different amounts depending on who they work for, just as with pretty much any other business out there. I don't get paid extra to install the dish. However, I'm not in a market where we put up a second dish. A lot of techs have to pay for all of their tools and supplies, so it is understandable that they would want to use the existing cable if it is RG6. Especially on a job that requires 6 lines such as yours. Factor in time, gas, supplies, etc. on a job like that and the tech can easily lose money. I make a lot more on my installs than the figures you posted above, and I lose money on some jobs. There is no way that I would be a tech for $40/12.

IN NO WAY AM I TRYING TO TAKE UP FOR THIS PARTICULAR INSTALLER. It's obvious that he should choose another career field and probably will be soon.
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