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I am a subcontractor who is a subcontractor for directech who is the main subcontractor for directv.....this is my pay schedule:

1 box new/former install includes: one 18 or 18x20 dish, ird std or ird DVR

each additional receiver $15 more
have your own truck: $15 extra for each job
used a 40 foot ladder: $40
5lnb/36" dish: $10 more each

additional ird std/dvr $25
each additional ird: $10

upgrade to 18x20 (3lnb) or 36"dish: $35
5 lnb dish + 1 ird-hd upgrade $40
relocate 1 ird or dish: $25

service calls: $20 no matter what you do or how long you take

go to a job cust not home = $0 plus must call dispatch wait on phone....then wait 20 minutes in case cust decides to show up....then call back up dispatch to give a description of the house....

i dont pay for:
my truck, repairs, supplies (fittings, wire, etc)

i pay for:
tolls, gas

benefits: anything extra charged goes to my pocket
$75 pole mount
$20 old dish removal
wall fishing $60 each line

we dont get paid extra to do a super neat job....sometimes i dont bother doin it neat because most of the time when i do super neat job all wires hidden everything done up to code...the guy still didnt give me a tip.....so if i did that job normally i would have gotten paid the same and it would be done in less time
so heres what i think....if people propose a specfic amount tip beforehand then i would do an extra nice job.
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