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MudMover said:
JLuc....I did realize that it is an add-on....What I was hoping is that because D* does not provide my HD locals....there would be a "no fee" or "discounted fee" for having to get my HD OTA rather than thru D*. But alas....it seems capitalism is at work here!

And now I read another post...where Huntsville may be out of the running on D11....bummer.

My local NBC affiliate is a low power station...currently at 41kW and upgrading some time from now (according to FCC filings) to 88KW....but that's probably not enough to burn thru this RF shadow I'm currently in. The Analog is poor at best OTA...I may go up on my antenna another 10 ft.

Mainly I was just hoping for the HD signal via the AM21 so I could use the DVR feature too....especially when the fall shows come out.
Just a quick history.

The HR20 had OTA built in and was $299.
The HR21 with no OTA is $199. AM21 OTA addon is $50.

So you're saving $50 actually over the older receiver that had OTA built in.

As for if you're eligible, just call and ask. Nobody here can tell you if they will give you a discount say $10 a month off programming for 6 months to offset the cost. You'll have to negotiate that.

Good luck!
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