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How dumb is this?

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NFL says no to Manning's black hightops

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NFL denied a request from Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to wear black hightop shoes for Sunday's home game against the Miami Dolphins.

Manning made the request to honor former Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas, who died of a heart attack Wednesday in Baltimore at the age of 69. Unitas wore trademark hightop black shoes throughout his NFL career.

The league said in a statement Friday that no team other than the Baltimore Ravens will be allowed to wear a patch or armband on their uniforms during Sunday's games to honor Unitas.


Are you kidding me? The uniform gestapo says no that he can't do it so the sponsors can be happy. Don't they realize when they do something like this it's a black eye. I hope Peyton does it anyway, I'd chip in to help pay the fine. :confused:
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Post deleted due to the stupidity of the poster (me) :)
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