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EDIT: OK, as pointed out below, I am stupid. :D I removed the Big Bang Theory stuff.

I liked HIMYM, but I can see how it is not as good as it could have been. Obviously, now they have laid the ground work for a big Barney Robin wedding toward the end, just not now. I also see plenty of groundwork for Ted and whats her name to break up, but who knows. Ther ehave been so many rumors about the Mother and Sarah Chalk being in and out of other shows made it 10 times more complex. Personally, I could deal with someone who did not like Star Wars (though luckily, I do not have to), but not someone who lied about it. Just tell me you donl;t like it.

I do think Ted was setting himself up for failure though with the non-optimal veiwing conditions and the fact that he did not seem to prepare her at all for the fact that he was seriously watching this and wanted her to watch it also. Given the proper conditions, she will turn around. ;)

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Lee L said:
Well, I kind of knew they would not just have Leonard and Penny hook up and everything be fine. Sheldon is a hoot as always. I died laughing several times.
The show topic is 'How I met Your Mother' not 'Big Bang'.
At any rate both are good shows, it is nice to see the new season begin.
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