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How long has Tanya Memme been co-hosting Robotica?

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She seems to be doing alright there.
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According to IMDB she's been with Robotica since 2001.

She's also done the following:

Guest Starring Roles

Melrose Place - Female Lab Tech - Suddenly Sperm (1998)

Co Starring Roles JAG - - Critical Condition (2002)
F/X: The Series - Lupe Valenzuela - Dingo (1996)

name=b1990>Jungle2Jungle (1997) .... Trader's Assistant
... aka Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)
... aka Un Indien à New York (1998) (France)
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She also hosts the Directv Customer News on channel 201.
I wondered for the first few weeks into last seasons Robotica episodes why Tanya was always wearing the exact same multi-colored vertical striped pants every episode before it dawned on me that they must have taped a seasons worth of episodes all in the same day like Robot Wars or Battlebots did in the interests of keeping production costs lower.

It's always amusing watching some of the biggest techno-geeks in the world dressed in fatigues or other crazy family involving costumes interact with the likes of Carmen Electra, Mick Foley, Joanie Laurer, Rebecca Grant or Carol Grow. I don't know how people are able to form complete sentences in the presence of Carol Grow myself.

It seems that no matter how bad your career in hollywood or the WWF may evolve into, there will always be a welcoming place for actors, actresses, and washed up former pro wrestlers on these types of shows. I think Ripley's Believe It Or Not gets the most bang for the buck though in using former Baywatch star (many would say blonde bimbo) Kelly Packard to consistently and quite effectively always portray an overwhelmingly stunned sense of speechless awe in making the stunts appear even larger then life to boost ratings.
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She was on this past week's episode of JAG, and she's taken full advantage of being on The Bob and Tom radio program. On it she said she'd consider doing Playboy - in the right situation. :)
Originally posted by karl_f
She also hosts the Directv Customer News on channel 201.
Doesn't she CO-host the show with some guy? Can't think of his name though. :lol:
Originally posted by markh

Doesn't she CO-host the show with some guy? Can't think of his name though. :lol:
His name is Matt Gallant. I only know this because my daughter watches American' Funniest Animals on Animal Planet about fifty times a week. I find him to be a mere distraction from the yummy Tanya Memme.
I hardly noticed him when I was watching a little of the customer news.
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