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How many different HR21 and HR20 models are there?

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How many different models are there now?




HR21- ?

HR20- ?

HR20- ?

Which is the newest models being made or does the model number only mean manufacture location and they all are still being made?

Curious which ones are known to have heating or other problems?

The HR21-200 sure is made cheaply but does has 2 fans in it.

The HR21-100 has an after-the-fact long thin black wire added to it running from teh motherboard up to the front panel. Probably due to a design mistake.

These little facts are interesting to see how the different models are being designed.
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Here are the model breakdowns :

HR20-100, HR20-700

HR21-100, HR21-200, HR21-700, HR21Pro


The HR22-100 is an HR21-100 with a larger HDD.

Only the HR21 & HR22 are being produced at this point .. I don't recall any of them really having heat issues.
Also, the reason there is a more than one manufacturer is so DIRECTV does not put all of it's eggs in one basket (availability, economics, etc.) .. likely helps keep the price down in the long run.

The manufacturers do, however, do most of the design work based on specs provided by DIRECTV.
And to get enough manufacturing lines running. :)
Doug this clear and simple post should be a sticky I think.
rahlquist said:
Doug this clear and simple post should be a sticky I think.
kinda is.. http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=117744
houskamp said:
hmm thats a fairly good point though there is no hr22 listed there perhaps a footnote is needed.
If anyone knows...

Is the HR22-100 a true and exact design copy of the HR21-100 down to every detail such as hard drive placement, hdd holder, sata wire location and front panel connectors to motherboard - except for the hard drive size? Or does it just look mostly similar with some changes?

What I like about the HR21-100 is that is has a very nice dense peice of yellow vibration/noise reducing foam on top of it.

Anybody know where you can buy that same stuff? I cant find it.
As far as I have been told, HR22s are exactly, exactly the same as HR21s just with a bigger hard drive.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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