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How many receivers and a few other questions?

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I currently have 4 receivers 2 HDDVRs and 2 HD Receivers. I want to add two more HDDVRs for a bed room and I want to have 2 in my living room for football season. How many receivers can I have and will I need another dish or switch? Also what about the HR34, does anyone know when I’ll be able to get it and will I need any special equipment for that. Thanks in advance!
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You can go up to 16 Tuners, note I wrote tuners and not receivers, before things get complicated.
Do you have one coax cable going to your DVRs or two? If one, you have SWM, and max out at 8 tuners. The HR34 requires SWM, they'll upgrade you to a version that supports more tuners. The second most common setup maxes out at 16 tuners, but it is possible to have more than this, in an advanced setup.

You can get the HR34 now, that has 5 tuners.
Yeah I currently have 1 wire to all receivers. I was gonna wait and get the HR34 when Directv offers them so I can get it at a lower price.
I don't believe there's an actual LIMIT on the number of receivers you can have on one account. As Drucifer mentioned though, once you go above 16 TUNERS, things starts getting complicated and expensive.
I've heard of accounts (Regular, residential) with MANY MANY receivers, and Directv has no problem with it, as long as they can verify that they're all actually being used in just once residence.
I called and got an HR34 last month from DTV.
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