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Chris Blount said:
For those who are a fan of the movie "How The West Was Won", check out the new DVD or Blu-Ray version. Quite amazing what the studio has done. They completely digitized the three panel Cinerama process and stitched them together into one complete image with no lines. They also visually matched the three panels. The picture is absolutely amazing!

The Blu-Ray version contains a "Smilevision" version which works quite well on a large screen home theater system. See the attachment for a comparison.
Just fabulous! I have not yet purchased a blu-ray DVD player (wife still thinks our old one is just fine) but with some of these classics getting re-mastered, it might be the right time.

Now, If they could only do this with the Rodgers & Hammerstein library, I'd have a blu-ray in my cabinet tonight
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