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I just installed a 2 TB external eSATA hard drive on a brand new HR24-200 whose internal hard drive was empty. i installed using the directions given in posts on this forum. There did not appear to be any errors shown upon the TV screen upon rebooting the HR24, but I don't remember seeing any confirmation of the external drive.

How do I know for sure if the HR24 is recognizing and using the external hard drive ? When I press the remote LIST button, it tells me 100% free disk space, however, the internal drive also had 100% free disk space, so I cant discern which drive is active.

Do I have to unplug the external drive, reboot and record something that will take more than 1% disk space on the internal drive , verify via LIST button that internal drive is now only 99% free, then repeat the external drive installation and then use the LIST button to tell me that 100% is now free (change in percentage free disk space) and therefore, the HR24 is using the external drive and not the internal one because of the difference in free disk space ??

Or is there a menu option or some other method to let me verify the HR24 is using the external drive ?
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