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My apologies in advance if this looks like a newbie and covered question. Im completely new into this.

I moved to an apartment building and want to connect my old directv receiver to the main building line. My receiver is a LH01-O-100 model. I have the following questions

Right outside my door, there is the main cabinet with multiple providers equipment. There is a DirecTV multiswitch (SWM8-W) with both 13V and 18V lines connected to it. Nothing else connected to it.
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Cabling from here to my receiver has been done and its working properly (No shorts and around 76ohm with resistor plugged).

1- Being aware that the LH01-O-100 receiver is a legacy receiver with no SWM, I tried to connect it to one of the LEGACY ports. I dont get any signal. Why?
2- Is it correct that i must not connect the receiver to the SWM1 or SWM2 ports? I havent done so yet.
3- I disconnected one of the lines that go to 13V and 18V switch inputs and plugged it directly to the receiver. This time i did get signal but ONLY certain channels? Why? Am I missing something?

I will appreciate your help!
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