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How to get 2 receivers pro-installed? (new customer)

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I bought two 508's receivers from one of the internet dealers at greatly reduced price under the RDISH promotion for new customers.

When I called up DISH to schedule for the professional install, I was told that the Pro Install Certificate given to me by the dealer only covers one receiver's install.

I went back to the dealer, who insists on their install code is good for 'up to 2 receivers"

Who's right? My install isn't scheduled for another week or so.
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do not know...i hope you figure something out..
but in worst case - it might cost you something - but if you d want it done - you might not have a choice
The PIC (Professional Installation Certificate) that mail-order, internet & flea market retailers provide covers a standard installation of the Dish 500 antenna and one receiver.

Had you gone to a local retailer you would have been covered for a 2-rcvr install under the promo.

But you can probably get the installer who comes to hook up the other rcvr for $30-49 depending upon how hard it is to run the cable.

Of course, you can do it yourself for the cost of the materials once the dish is up.
I ran the cables for my recievers myself since I wanted it done in a certain way and I have a very difficult house (had to go from a second story attic to the basement then under a crawlspace to the rooms). It was not hard, just time consuming.
If you do it yourself, you might want to hook up the 2nd receiver to the installed cable and do your initial software downloads & switch tests so you know the machine is setup and ready to go. That way, if you have any problems you know where to look.
FYI - Dish's standard install is for a "wall pop" or drilling through the wall to the outside to feed the cable to the TV. Any custom wiring or running cables between walls (called a wallfish) will cost you $59 per hour plus $30 per wallfish.
The install is for 2 receivers, both receivers are included. If you require extra wiring that could be extra, but not simply because you want 2 receivers.
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