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How to get OTA and Two DTV lines over two coax runs?

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I hope this is an easy one but I haven't found an answer....

I have an OTA antenna run into my house and several DTV HD units.

In the Family room the HR21/AM21 combo and in the master bedroom the HR10-250

I have two cable runs to each location. The question is, how can I run the OTA and two Dtv runs over two cables? I hear a lot about SWM but not sure if that is available or if it'll work. I think i've read it won't work with the HR10-25, which I could live with. I really just need it in the family room for those times that DTV is unavailable.... rain/snow/etc..

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best way: SWM on one line and OTA on the other..
unsuported way: run hr21>diplexer>cable>diplexer>BBC>dish.. note location of BBC.. must still be in same direction also.. this is a YMMV setup..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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