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How to get OTA and Two DTV lines over two coax runs?

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I hope this is an easy one but I haven't found an answer....

I have an OTA antenna run into my house and several DTV HD units.

In the Family room the HR21/AM21 combo and in the master bedroom the HR10-250

I have two cable runs to each location. The question is, how can I run the OTA and two Dtv runs over two cables? I hear a lot about SWM but not sure if that is available or if it'll work. I think i've read it won't work with the HR10-25, which I could live with. I really just need it in the family room for those times that DTV is unavailable.... rain/snow/etc..

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The SWM will allow you to run a total of 8 tuners. One line comes out of the SWM, which can be split with high-frequency cable splitters to get cable to the rooms you need it in. Only one cable needs to be connected to a dual-tuner receiver; it will get the signal for both tuners over the one cable.

The only issue is that, yes, it will NOT work with your HR10-250 (which you should really consider taking DirecTV's offer of a free upgrade for, since it will lose all satellite HD very soon). It only works with HR2x, H2x, R16, R22, and D12 receivers, and anything newer.

With the SWM, you could use the second coax for OTA, and get better signal than using diplexers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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