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Well here we go... Lets assume the following..

You have a DPP44 Switch
You have a functional brain
You can be rationally calm even if this project takes three days.
You EBAY account is in good standing.
You live on the West Coast of the United States
You want to get Sats. 110 , 119 and 129

and finally

Despite your video being digital and getting a great 75 signal.. you want 125.

... then this post is for you.

Tools you must have.

1. Compass (and or excellent knowledge which way is north / south, ect.)
2. Brain that knows what a compass tells you.
3. Aiming tool on / from EBAY or your local Sat. Dealer (recommended)
4. Brain that figues out how to use the Aiming tool.

Here is the physics of Sats.

0 degrees is North
90 Degrees is East
180 degrees is South
270 is West
259 degrees is almost north again

Sats 110 119 and 129 are basically visable to the SOUTH South West from the San Francisco area. The elevation on the dish is between 80 to 90.

Here is where the SATS are in Space

110 119 129
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
\ I /
__() () () __ <---- Your DISH 1000
/ I \
/ I \
/ I \ Please note that the signal bounces off the
dish.. and 'revereses order into the LNBs
129 119 110

Thus that is why 110 is on the 'dish on the right side' rather than the left side like it is up in space... because its bouncing off the dish and 'changing' positions on where you are actually receiving the signal into your Dish System. If you understand this.. your ready to aim away.

Nail down 110 only. Scoot to the right till your signal is about 80. Be sure to check 110 on Transponder 10 too. There seems to be a few transponders.. but its possible to see 110 and not get all the transponders 'linked' so make sure you've got that locked up. Not all transponders will have a signal.

119 is usually an 'automatic'. Spotbeam on transponder 7 should have 'sick' output. (like at least 100) in the SF area. Be sure to check 'others' like 6, 5, 4, 2. (trees and clouds can reduce this a little.. but it will be the strongest one).

129 will show up if you scoot 110 to the most 'right side position' and still get a good signal. Its up to you how strong you want 129..but a 60 even a 'solid' 50 signal on 129 will work fine. Isn't 'sexy' but it will get the job done. If you have rain fade issues.. get a second dish for 129 and just focus it in on that puppy big time. Some people with spare time and extra dishes.. get sole sat dishes set up.. and tune til they are at 125 on everything. Given its a digital signal I don't think that is warrented... and frankly most Homeowners Associations will start to care if your house looks like ET's space ship.

Be sure to adjust the skew per the Dish 1000 manual. I think Dish has one online on their website. Knowing your skew on the Dish 1000 is critical because the earth is round.. and you have to adjust for that unfortunate factor. Many Dish owners would prefer that the Earth was in fact flat. If you get your skew right.. it is effectively flat. Don't even TRY to aim anything unless you have the skew down. Make sure your mounting is dead level. Errors here mean this 'aiming' stuff gets more difficult.

The aimer is a sweet tool. Takes some learning.. but once you figure it out your gold. You can find any Sat in the sky easily. The issue with 110 and 119 is that you are not sure which one your pointing at because they both crank loud signals and they are realitively very close together... so find 110 first..(the most far right LNB as your pointing your dish to the sky). Leave the other plugs out off of your switch.. until you orient yourself on 110.. climb down off your roof and make sure the receiver is seeing it as 110.

Then go for 119.. and then 129. Likely.. if your getting 110 and 119 and you have the skew right.. 129 will show up easily.

If your getting a 'blank' for 129.. keep scooting your dish to the west... very slowly til it shows up. Remember.. your giving up signal on 110 as you do that.. so move it 'slowly'. 119 will show up in Hell. If your screwing up losing 119 check your skew and your elevation... or your mounting is messed.

Because the Dish 1000 is a three SAT dish this takes time. Be patient.
Of course.. the surefire way to best aim a sat. using the El. AZ and Sk. numbers that dish gives you.. is to make sure your mount is perfectly level. If its not.. the aimer will help you.. but skew and AZ can be a bear to calculate on the fly. Best mount will always allow you to get a level mount.

If your not getting 129 its because there is a tree, mountain or building blocking you. Thats not uncommon given that you are looking 20 to the horizon. Odds are your neighbor lives there. 129 will likely be the weakest of your signals on the tri-sat dish.

If your blown on 129.. and just cant dial it in get a Dish 500 and point it at 61.5 (which is VERY low on the horizon.. between 15 and 20 degrees EL) or 148.. which is actually higher in the sky.. but faces south west. If you can get 61.5 you can get CBSHD-E which is nice to get those shows early.

From the west coast, getting 61.5 is like Geocaching. Your lucky if you find the prize even though you know where you are!!! Likely 148 and CBSHD-W will work fine.

Good Luck!!
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