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How to Lock Out Channels 9900 & 9901 ??

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Channel 101 too (DNFYI). Is there some way to lock these out from the "All Subscription" EPG?

p.s. 9900 is "What's on DISH?" and 9901 is "What's on DISH 500?" Useless slot hogs.
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You might want to check that on a receiver ... channels 101 and the 9900 slates no longer appear on the channel lock out lists on the 211 and 622 (and likely other receivers).

My guess is that there was an issue with customers who had locked them out not having them available when talking to a CSR. When a CSR says "tune to channel 101" or "tune to channel 9900" to test satellite availability it doesn't work if the channel is locked out. :D
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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