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How to Lock Out Channels 9900 & 9901 ??

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Channel 101 too (DNFYI). Is there some way to lock these out from the "All Subscription" EPG?

p.s. 9900 is "What's on DISH?" and 9901 is "What's on DISH 500?" Useless slot hogs.
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just lock them like you would any other channel and hide locked channels

menu - 5 - 2

choose the channels you want to lock

hit done

8 for hide locked

3 for lock system

put in your password and hit done

verify password and hit done

cancel out of menus
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hm....it just worked on my 625. will have to check my 722
well, i stand corrected, apparently it only works on some receivers. will have to pass it along....works on my 625, but not on my 722
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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