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How to make your 501/508 do a hard reboot

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Here is something pretty cool that I found today. Instructions on how to make your 501/508 reboot. This can be used if you are having minor problems with software etc.. I used this today on a customers 501 that was displaying the same symptoms in this earlier post >http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8135 and it seemed to really help. WARNING!!!!, THIS WILL CAUSE YOUR HARDRIVE TO ERASE ALL RECORDED PROGRAMS, SO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

From the "Diagnostics" screen:
In succession press the INFO button, the RIGHT ARROW,
then the LEFT ARROW.
That should take you to a screen labeled "Memory Dump
and Device Status".

While in the "Memory Dump" screen:
Press the STOP button on the remote.

Then pull the AC power cord, wait a second or two,
then replace it.
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This is a "Memory Dump." It should not erase recorded PVR events but it should reset any customized settings (like EPG display, etc.) to factory default.

A "Hard Reboot" is simply holding the Power Button on the front panel of a PVR in for several seconds or pulling the AC plug.

A "Soft Reboot" is pulling the access card.
I'd like to warning ppl - the procedure doesn't work anymore!
Someone was mention here - it works only for old revision, prior P138.
Can someone clearly list the different types of reboots?

I do the "power button reset" on a regular basis. This just seems to reset the system, but thankfully does not erase any configs or PVR events.

What type of reboot is triggered by pulling the access card?


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