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Howard Stern's 'Son of the Beach' Washed Up at FX

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FX will not renew "Son of the Beach," the "Baywatch" spoof shepherded by Howard Stern.

FX declined to comment on the cancellation. Insiders said the decision was based primarily on the fact that FX is trying to move its brand in a different direction from where it was when "SOB" debuted in March 2000 as its first original scripted series.

The Tuesday night comedy, which stars co-creator Tim Stack as a flabby lifeguard aided by a bevy of comely ladies, will conclude its run on FX after three seasons with a three-part finale set to run on Sept. 17, Sept. 24 and Oct. 1.

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SOB is a great show. What is FX doing? Idiots have taken over there. And proof of it is On "Buffy" repeats, they have season #5, yet at the end of season #4 they are starting back at season #1. What is wrong with them suits over there???
Thats too bad. :crying: Notch Johnson is the man. Since the ratings aren't too bad, maybe someone else will pick it up.
Wherever it ends up, they need to give Kim Oja's (Kimberly Clark's) Nipples their own credit in the opening credits.
This seems like a perfect series for Comedy Central, but that's too obviously a good idea so it won't happen. :bang:

-Lyle J.P.
"Be careful kids...it's retarded out there!"

-Notch Johnson

I can't wait to see the "brown" hampster this week. :lol:
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