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How's Oddessy 5 doing?

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I finally got around to watching the Oddessy 5 premier, recorded duringthe the free preview. It was pretty good, but I could see the potential to drop in interest if they never really get around to answering any of the questions they plop out there.

I am curious how the show has progressed over the past few weeks? Is it worth watching? Is each show a stand alone episode, with some clues tossed in? Or is it like 24 where every episode is linked?

There is another 1 day free preview next Sun, perhaps I'll PVR another episode if it is being rerun on any of the Showtime channels.
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Disappointing IMO. Each succeeding episode seems to be weaker & lamer. I'm about to give up on it.

By contrast, The Wire on HBO seems to be developing well & I'm really enjoying it. It seemed to have potential from the 1st show & is proving to be up to it.
Originally posted by HTguy
Disappointing IMO. Each succeeding episode seems to be weaker & lamer. I'm about to give up on it.
Sounds like a couple of misfires that SciFi Channel had. Most notably, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.

I also remember that First Wave really floundered, but then recovered and turned out be a worthwhile show.

There are two showing of Oddessy 5 during the free preview, I'll grab 'em and see what's up. Too bad, I like Peter weller.
Odyssey 5 could have the planet blow up tomorrow and I would not miss it right now. I'll keep on watching it only because it is still mildly interesting. But that 30 second skip feature is used TONS during the episodes. I watch the average episode in 20 minutes.

I gave The wire another try...the episode I caught was good (as they all have been) but the big difference was that I was not verbally assalted every other word during this episode. Rough language, yes. I have no problems with that. But thowing the F bomb littereally every third word was intollerable. I hope they got it out of their system.

See ya
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