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Hey guys,

Brand new here. Came looking for an answer to this very question.

I just switched from Comcast Digital (HD-DVR) to D* because I was getting tired of the crappy service from Comcrap (repeated signal drops, squirrely remote/box interaction, etc.).

With Comcast I saw that every(?) channel broadcast the sound in DD5.1. With the new service from D*, I have yet to see any audio signal which lights up my DD5.1 light on my receiver, regardless of channel. Sound exudes from all 6 speakers, and by ear I can't tell that it is not 5.1, but that light doesn't come on.

I've tried all the fix-its I've seen on this and AVS forums, including:

>on-off-on-off-etc. the digital audio out setting in HR20 menu
>HR20 button reset, menu reset, and unplug
>It's not a HR20 glitch because this is the second box we've had
>It's not the optical cable because its the same as used with Comcast DVR.

Any help?

Equipment: Kenwood VR-5080 receiver (set to auto-detect audio signal) - Vizio 50" plasma - HR20 sat box.

Connections: Audio, Receiver-Satbox: optical TOSlink - Video, TV-Satbox: HDMI
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