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I've had my HR20-100 networked (wireless) for quite some time. I've had no problems using VOD but have not been able to to get Media Share to work (unable to get Music, Photos, etc to show up in the menu). I've always thought it was a problem on one of my networked computers but all see the HR20 and HR21 in their media sharing options. I recently added an HR21-100 in the bedroom and decided to try and network that receiver. I purchased the (2) powerline connectors from DTV (cheapest I could find) and installed without any problem. Media share works fine on the HR21-100. Since I can access all the networked computers on the HR21, I should be able to assume that the network is not the problem so what is going on with the HR20-100?

Software version: 0x254
Buffalo Technology Wireless-G MIMO Performance 4 Port Ethernet Converter WLI-TX4-G54HP


Any ideas for troubleshooting would be appreciated?
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