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HR-21-100 REcording Issues

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Hi everyone..

I am a new D* customer and I seem to be having some issues with my HR-21.

I would like to record a series such as South Park

I search and select the show, Select Record Series and then select both assuming that will record all upcoming episodes.

I then select view episodes and it only has selected 2 or 3 shows to record and the others are not selected to record.

My question is: If I select BOTH shouldn't it have all the episodes selected to record?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Oh, I read elsewhere it might take a few minutes for the HR-21 to index all the shows to record... I have waited for the episodes to be selected for recording but they do not.
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If South Park is on Comedy Central, which I think it is, I'm not surprised. There a many, many reports here of problems recording with a series link from Comedy Central. The common conclusion is bad guide data. Set them up manually.
Thanks for the reply...

I have also tried to set up a series of Army Wives for the wife and it did the same thing..

I verified that the guide data stated the first date of airing was the night set to record but with First Run selected it still wouldn't select the instance for recording.

It doesn't seem to be guide data

My old VIP-622 from dish had no issues with this..

Does anyone else have any issues like this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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