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HR 21-700 reporting problems to Directv?

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I was called today by Directv customer service asking me if I have been have issues with my hd dvr. I said 'no not really' (we've had occasional pixilation but thought nothing of it) so the cs rep had me go to a few test channels (480, 481 and on other I can't remember which one) they said that those seemed fine. So than she had be go to the Satellite menu and we check sat 101 on both tuners. All number above 90 with exception of about 5 of them but according to the rep that is normal. So checked sat 103c most numbers in the 80 range but no 90's and had 2 0's in the 17-24 area. There was also N/A on a lot of them. So based on the 0 reading they are sending someone out to check my equipment and dish. The service call is free with a 90 day warranty.
I didn't know they can 'see' if our equipment is having problems. It is kind of creepy but kind of good in a way. Since when does Directv initiate service calls?
I am assuming this is on the up and up so if this is NOT something Directv does please let me know. Someone is suppose to come on Thurs.
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