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HR-21 let me down yesterday!

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I've had my HR-20 for over a year. After some initial problems with it, it has been rock solid for me. I just got an additional HR-21 700 a week ago and it missed 2 recordings yesterday.

I scheduled it to record the minor league futures game on ESPN2 and a movie on ABC Family in the evening. When I click play on both shows they come up blank and immediately ask me if I want to delete them. I was able to record a third show yesterday but that one was manually recorded. The two shows that failed to record were both programed recordings. Where should I start to figure out why this happened and prevent it from happening again. I'm running 0x235.
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I did not delete the recordings so I tried rebooting HR-21 as you said in hopes that I'd be able to watch the shows. After it came out of the reboot the recordings were in fact deleted on their own. It's frustrating to have lost those shows but my main concern is to figure out what made it fail in the first place so I don't have to hold my breath every time the DVR will record a program in the future.
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