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HR-21 let me down yesterday!

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I've had my HR-20 for over a year. After some initial problems with it, it has been rock solid for me. I just got an additional HR-21 700 a week ago and it missed 2 recordings yesterday.

I scheduled it to record the minor league futures game on ESPN2 and a movie on ABC Family in the evening. When I click play on both shows they come up blank and immediately ask me if I want to delete them. I was able to record a third show yesterday but that one was manually recorded. The two shows that failed to record were both programed recordings. Where should I start to figure out why this happened and prevent it from happening again. I'm running 0x235.
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Do you still have the blank recordings? You may want to try rebooting the DVR... Many users have reported being able to play the recordings after rebooting...

edit: also, submit the info here.... http://www.iamanedgecutter.com/Projects/BGRecordings/
directv is gathering as much info as they can on blank recordings to try and prevent them in the future...
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