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HR-21/MLB Recordings Blank if Recorded for Full Amount

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If I setup a recording for MLB Ticket games and let it complete for the complete 6 hours I can't watch the games. I end up with the following.

1 recording that is the actual broadcast that ends about the same time the broadcast signal ends.

1 recording with 771 after the broadcast has gone off air.

When I attempt to watch the game recording, when selecting play I'm sent immediately to the end of the recording and am asked if I want to keep or delete. I can't trick-play in reverse, I can select rewind but nothing happens, only option is to delete the recording.

This scenarioiu happens 100% of the time if I'm not home to stop the recording before the complete 6 hours that is selected in the guide is up.

If I am home and start watching the game before the 6 hour recording window is up I have not problems at all watching the game.

Only have this issue if I allow the recording to go the complete 6 hours.

I've tried setting the recording to continue another 5 minutes, even 3 hours and no matter what same thing happens.

Very frustrating as I have to be home in the 6 hour window to start watching or I end up not being able to catch the came.
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Are both of your tuners working? The reason I ask is your program records while you are watching, which means it is tuned to the show. By chance, when you are away it tries to record from the tuner that is not working. Check to ensure both tuners are receiving proper signals.
Yeah - both tuners appear to be working, in fact right now I have a game that is recording, was watching Live TV, paused Live-TV, jumped over and started to watch game, was able to watch game just fine, went back to Live-TV and picked up where I left off.

It's maddening, this only happens when the game ends before the 6 hour window is up. It stops recroding when the broadcast is complete, then begins to continue to record the 771 for the remaning time. So I end up with 2 recordings, one is supposed to be the game the other is the dead air. But the game ends up not working.
Hope someone has some suggestions for you, I have not read of anything similar here.
Yeah - same thing just happened today.

Got home - 1 recording for 3 hours 50 minutes. (I had already started watching the game early before leaving was working fine). Came home 1 recording finished another one underway. The first one is supposed to be the actual game - selected it in programs and then resume, jumped right to the end of the recording and asked if I want to keep or delete, can't rewind or anything.

Viewed the 2nd recording that is underway "searching for authorized content", this is obviously the continuation of the 6 hour window after the original game completes.

This happnes 100% of the time - guess I'll report it under bugs.
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