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Hr 22 HD channels aren't returning in guide

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By accident I put hide HD duplicates. I switched it back and now I can't even switch to a HD channel. I rebooted and nothing.
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If they just wont come back with the menu settings try these couple things.
Make sure SD duplicates are hidden. From live tv picture. Press and hold exit till you get a pop up that says your receiver has been set to Standard definion mode. Press and hold exit to change back. Wait a minute then repeate till you get the pop up that the unit is in HD mode. wait a few minutes check the guide.
2. If exit mode switch fails to work. Make sure the unit is in HD mode and RBR the box, failing that do a guide clear by resetting the unit again with in 10 minutes of previous reboot.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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