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HR 22 problems

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my Direct TV HR 22 - 100 turns on by itself usually in the middle of the night. Also it has been freezing up more and more. What is going on. If I replace it should I go for a different model or can it be fixed. thanks
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If it is the hard drive, you can plug in an external drive and continue using it.
If it isnt the hard drive, and you choose to replace it, you have no option of what DVR they send as a replacement, unless you upgrade to the HR34 (HMC) which will cost you between $99 and $399 depending on your account status. If you want a specific DVR, such as a HR24, you would need to contact DirecTv and see if they will authorize you to obtain the DVR from a retailer online, and get credit for it on your bill when you deactivate and return the HR22. Sometimes they do this, sometimes they dont. Luck of the CSR draw there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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