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HR-24 RF remote problem

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I need some opinions on an ongoing problem. Have been having remote problems for quite awhile. Same problem others have talked about as when you press pretty much any key on remote sometimes the receiver reacts and sometimes it dont and with no consistensy on when it does it. I have read on some posts that interference from other nearby equipment may be causing radio signal interference hereby causing this problem. I just changed to the newest remote(RC65RBX) hoping this would help but it really hasn't. My receiver is currently directly under my Sony 60" TV next to the AM21 and my stereo receiver. I am thinking about moving the receiver up and away from this area. What chance is there of helping this problem and if moving it is a good idea, how far away from other equipment would be suggested. Thanks
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I'm afraid this is just how DirecTV DVRs work. They simply don't respond in real time or consistently. Some suggest pressing OK first to get it to respond.
I think the RF remotes and HR24's work fine. But yes, interference will get in the way. The remotes are extremely low power RF and per FCC rules cannot interfere with anything and must accept interference from other sources.

That said, we've seen reports here of wireless speakers causing interference. Bluetooth devices too. Wireless lighting as well. And if you have a Wireless Router/Access Point really close to the HR24, that might be an issue too.

If you have another HR or H in your home, swap the problem plagued HR24 and that box. See if the poor reception follows the box or the same position (under 60" TV). That will give you an idea of what might be going on in your home.
I am going to move the receiver and will report back. This problem is driving me nuts.
We have a wireless router directly next to our Livingroom HR24. The RF remote sometimes has this same problem. It's usually only an issue for a few seconds.
I don't recall the exact frequency, but DirecTV RF remotes are in the neighborhood of 400MHz, which doesn't overlap with routers or phones or microwaves at all. I have heard of things like wireless thermometers interfering, but that's rare. Unfortunately, I predict nothing you do will make any difference. The problem lies in the design of the DVR and it's software which has always had this problem to some degree and probably always will.
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