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Coming from U-Verse I was glad to get the HR34 and 3 H25's to be able to record 5 HD channels at once instead of 3. A few things Ive noticed about the directv MRV that I wish they had that UVerse had, nothing major just a few little things..
If something is set to record I wish it would indicate this in the uide on the H25's.
I wish when accessing the DVR playlist from the H25's it showed how much disk space was available on the DVR.

Other wise I think that is about it. There are a good numer of HD channel's I will miss from U-Verse but sharing 3 HD streams with 3 people that like to records/watch allot just wasnt practical for us as just about every night one of us would have the "All HD Streams In Use" in one of our rooms.
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