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Hi all -

You've been helpful in the past and hoping you might be able to help again. My current setup is a HR 34 in our Family Room and a HR 24 in Master. We also have a HD box (no DVR) in our guest room.

About three weeks ago I noticed a problem - shows that were recorded on either the HR34 or HR24 play back fine when they are viewed on the TV connected to that box. When I attempt to play back recordings (through whole home) on a receiver where it was not originally recorded I'm getting freezes that last anywhere from 5 seconds up to 90 seconds.

I had Direct TV out and they told me my HR 24 was bad and replaced it - they also adjusted the satellite and seemed to do a thorough job of checking out the entire system. Unfortunately, the problem is still occuring and they are scheduled out again.

Anyone have a guess as to what this might be - does it seem software related? I have the latest software on each DVR.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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