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HR 34 Questions

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Hello....I currently have a HR23 receiver and I want to get upgrade to a HR34. I have a dish with one wire coming out of it and it goes through a little plugged in device with a single wire going into the HR23. My question is will upgrading involve just taking the one cable from the HR23 and screwing into the HR 34? If not, how hard is the work?
Also, if I don't get my local channels from Directv..will an AM 21 work with this? There is a reason I asking....thanks.
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Depends what the little "plugged in device" is. It SOUNDS like it will be a direct swap if the plugged in device is the power supply for the LNB.
Hit the "-" key on the HR23. If it says SWM connected it will be a direct swapout.

Yes, the AM21 will work with the HR34.
Yes. The AM21 channels will be designated with a -1, so if you get channel 16 from DirecTv and from the AM-21, you would have two entries, 16, and 16-1. If that channel has subchannels, you might have 16-2 or 16-3 as well. You can block the ones you dont want in the antenna menu.

Reception is totally dependent on your OTA antenna. Generally, if it comes in on your TV tuner, moving the antenna cable to the AM21 will result in the same channels.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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