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HR10-250 missing a subchannel

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My shiny-used HR10-250 has been working great, except for one nit I just discovered. One of the digital subchannels is missing; it's not in the guide and the TiVo won't tune it when I enter it directly. Trying to tune directly gets a "Searching for signal on: Antenna In" The other two (5-1 and 5-2) are present in the guide and can be tuned, but 5-3 is completely missing and has never been present. I have hooked my antenna directly to the TV's digital tuner and 5-3 is visible there.

I tried doing the OTA channel scan but it came back saying no new digital channels were found. The TV can find it with an OTA scan on the TV (of course). My local market is also properly set.

Is there anything else I can do? Is it possibly an antenna issue? I didn't think so, because aren't the subchannels are all part of the same digital stream?
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Sounds like an issue with the PSIP data that the local station sends out, since you get the other subchannels fine. Since you don't reveal your locale, I'll leave it to you to go to avsforum.com and look for any other reported issues with that particular station in their HDTV local reception forums.
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