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Since v6.3 and v6.3a didn't go completely national, and some never allowed the unit to upgrade:

Items in Black are the core release notes for the 6.3
Items in Blue are new to 6.3b


  • Dolby Digital Audio Drop Outs
  • Stability fixes

New Features
  • Folders in Now Playing List
  • Faster Guide and quicker searches

  • The menu tree has changed. "My Preferences" has been removed; most of the options are now under "Settings"

  • Phone Line Must be connected (Note, Double check your dial in phone number as a significant number of Area Codes have changed since the last update
  • After receiving the new software some settings will revert to factory default, including:
    • Favorites Channels - settings will be deleted (list will be empty)
    • Channel You Receive - list will reset and all channels will be checked
    • Channel Banner - time out will be set to "Display banner normally"
    • Spending Limit - settings will be set to $10
    • Dolby Digital - Autorecord and output options will be set to "Off"
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