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HR10 misses the start of recordings

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My HR10 has not yet caught 6.3, phone line is plugged in and working but no update yet.
Recently it has started missing the beginning of many recordings. The status bar has a blank section at the beginning and the full duration is shown but when I play back the recording it starts a couple of minutes in. The same shows on other units have recorded OK, though having said that only the HR10 is recording from OTA.
The response is also phenominally slow, just going into the Now Playing list takes seconds and I have given up trying to change Season Passes. I am also seeing a lot more audio dropouts and pixelation than in the past.
I want to do a Clear and Delete to see if that fixes this but should I do that now or after 6.3a is installed?
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If you plan to perform a "Clear and Delete Everything", do it BEFORE you let the v6.3a software install. One side effect of the "C&DE" is that you'll lose your channel logos in the Now Playing List and channel banners. Those logos are only restored after a software update, so you should get them back when your DVR updates to v6.3a (although sometimes it takes a few days for them to appear after the next phone call and a reboot).
I was concerned that it may delete the "slices" that are waiting to be applied. I'll unplug the phone line tonight so that I can get the C&D done before the update.
Andrew_J_M said:
I was concerned that it may delete the "slices" that are waiting to be applied. I'll unplug the phone line tonight so that I can get the C&D done before the update.
Those "slices" will re-download if needed.

Let us know how it goes.
that happened to me before the upgrade and also corrected itself before the upgrade

I had that problem long before 6.3 and never did figure out what the deal was (missing the beginnings of programs). It only happened once in a while and has not happened for quite some time.

As for the speed, etc., you can do a Clear Program Data and To Do List (the "basic" option, not "Clear and Delete Everything") and it will wipe out your To Do list and Season Passes and I believe you will need to run through the "Channels I Receive" and "Favorite Channels" again, but will not wipe out programs you already have recorded. I've done this and the speed has picked up considerably.

As litzdog says, though, if you are going to do a C&D Everything, do it before you get the 6.3 upgrade installed.
Thanks guys, I unplugged the phone line last night to prevent 6.3a from being activated. Once I get my wife to watch all her Oprah and Dr Phil shows that are on it I'll do "C&DE".

I'll let y'all know how it goes.
I managed to perform a "Clear and Delete Everything" on Friday afternoon, it took about 3 hours including rebooting and setting up. I lost my locals and had to call D* to get them back. Everything else was as expected.

Previously adding or updating a Season Pass took 7 minutes or more, there were 52 of them. Adding back the first 10 was fast but then it started to slow down. I now have 20 added and an update takes 45 seconds. Many of the old ones were for programs that were canceled long ago, such as "Jack and Bobby".

Other functions seem quicker than before.

I still have 3.1.5f despite forcing calls, the last one a few minutes ago.
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